Avon Achievers


Aurora Castillo
A strong family work ethic helped shape her Avon success.

Aurora Castillo never imagined that answering a newspaper ad 30 years ago would lead her to a fulfilling and successful Avon career—or to being named one of three 2008 Avon Women of Enterprise. But to those who know Aurora, her accomplishments and honors are a testament to her determination and hard work. And this Mission, Texas, resident knows just how difficult life can be.

Migrant Work
As a young girl, Aurora and her family lived in the Rio Grande Valley bordering Texas and Mexico. During the harvest season, they would travel north to work the many fields, spending countless hours picking row after row of fruits and vegetables. “I remember telling my mom that I didn’t think I liked migrant work,” says Aurora. “It was hard getting up at 4 a.m. and working until sundown. Some days, I’d stare at the long rows of crops and wish the fields would disappear. To pick all of them seemed like such an insurmountable task. I would tell myself that there had to be better ways to make money.”

Her mom implored her to go to school so that she could choose whatever career she wanted. By her mid-20s, Aurora married, had a daughter and settled into a routine as an elementary school teacher’s aide. Life was pretty good. But then her two sons came along and, like many Representatives, Aurora began looking for a way to bring in extra income. Answering a newspaper ad, she found her true career with Avon.

Setting Her Sights
Aurora paved the foundation for a successful future by setting and fulfilling daily goals. At that time there were new subdivisions and neighborhoods cropping up around her, and she went door-to-door, introducing herself and promoting Avon products.

While focusing on her Avon business after school and on weekends, she eventually partnered with Candy Caric, the District Sales Manager with whom, after 20 years, Aurora is still partnered. After a year of methodically prospecting and recruiting together, Aurora finally took Candy’s suggestion, quit her teacher’s aide job and applied her energies full-time to building the Avon Leadership career of her dreams.

Back then, Leadership was in its infancy and Aurora was among a handful of Representatives in the country pioneering it. Campaign by campaign, year after year, her business spiraled upward, and in 1995, Aurora became the first Executive Unit Leader in her District. Now a Senior Executive Leader and Honor Society member, Aurora has a Downline of more than 1,500 Representatives.

In addition, she earned the No. 4 Leadership sales spot in the nation with Total Unit Sales of $12.3 million—and the No. 1 Leadership sales spot in her Region with Total Unit Sales of $10.6 million. This comes after she increased her Total Unit Sales by more than half a million dollars over last year. Being among the top earners is nothing new for Aurora. For the past five years, she has ranked in the top five in Total Unit Sales.

A True Leader
But for Aurora, it’s not so much her own accomplishments that count; it’s those she’s helped others achieve that make her the happiest. “Someone asked me where I’m going to put my award. I said that it belongs in the doorway of my office. I want all of my Downline to see what we have accomplished. I wouldn’t have gotten here if it weren’t for them,” she says.

Among the many Representatives she has mentored is Silvia Tamayo. Under Aurora’s guidance, Silvia became her first Senior Executive Unit Leader and an eventual Woman of Enterprise honoree. Aurora constantly works to develop the next Silvias, the next generation of leaders. Those who are close to her say she is relentless in her recruiting, training and shaping of Avon’s future top sellers.And helping her with everything is her family. “They have been so supportive throughout my career,” she says. “My husband and children know the brochure inside and out. They help me pick up and deliver orders. They answer phones. They inspire me to always do better.”

With support like that and her dogged dedication to both her career and those of her Downline, Aurora will be succeeding for years to come.