Avon Achievers


Judy Madsen

Judy Madsen has always enjoyed helping others to succeed. In fact, that’s what brought her to Avon. Twenty-six years ago, her teenage daughter wanted to sell Avon to finance the purchase of a car. But she was too busy with her high school studies to do it alone, so Judy, a daycare worker at the time, helped for the first two years. She found that she loved talking to people about Avon, and her business rapidly grew. Soon, she chose to focus on it full-time.

“I’m proud to say that Avon is a family business for us,” says Judy. “[My daughter] is again an Avon Representative in a part-time capacity as well as my granddaughter and niece.”

The first-ever Spirit of Albee award recipient in 2009, Judy has built both her sales level and her Customer base by going door-to-door and talking to everyone she meets about Avon. And, about 12 years ago, her enthusiasm for sharing Avon and helping others to achieve led her to the Leadership Opportunity. She says, “I love talking to people about Avon. I can spend hours talking to people about the company and the products. I also really enjoy helping other people to succeed, so Leadership is a perfect blend of the two.”

Judy, who achieved her Senior Unit Leader title in 2003, has many ways of helping her Downline and spends a great deal of time working with them. She explains, “I help my Downline by going out to recruit with them and showing them how to be successful. We set up tables outside stores about once a month.” Also, Judy’s team goes to schools, and conducts various fund-raisers which support a local dance troupe, a national emergency response organization and troops overseas.

In addition to being generous with her time, Judy also passes along to her Downline any calls she receives from Customers that are in their area. The Salinas, California, resident also guides her Downline in other ways. She emphasizes the importance of taking advantage of the special selling opportunities that Avon offers. Judy adds, “I always tell my Downline to take advantage of Advance Order Opportunities. I also tell them how much money they can make by doing it.”

Just as Judy supports others in reaching their goals, her family has been a big source of support to her in running her Avon business. She says they, too, are very dedicated. Contributions by her husband, her children and even her grandchildren help Judy’s business to flourish.

In her Avon career, Judy has found a way to meld two passions: promoting Avon and the products she loves, and working with her Downline to maximize their potential. With Avon, Judy Madsen has created her own definition of success.