Avon and Direct Selling

What's direct selling? It's the method Avon Independent Sales Representatives use to sell their customers Avon products. And in today's busy world, everyone knows the value of friendly, personal advice. Direct selling is a special channel that eliminates the need for middlemen, like wholesalers, advertisers and retailers. It's a more personal way to give customers attention and that's a key factor in sales success. Whether business is conducted one-on-one, in a group or party setting, even online, the understanding and friendly service Avon Independent Sales Representatives provide is valuable.

Meet Successful Representatives

Donna: A single mother living in New York City, Donna Reid-Mitchell started her Avon business in 2003 hoping to earn a little extra money to supplement her income working as a hairstylist. One day as she struggled with how to balance it all, her seven-year-old son told her she was "the best Avon Representative in the world" and encouraged her to do more. In just eight months, Donna became a Senior Executive Unit Leader, the highest level in Avon's Sales Leadership program.  Today, Donna is one of Avon's top performing sales representatives in the United States and has traded her one-bedroom apartment for a big house in Texas. Donna motivates a team of more than 2,000 Avon Independent Sales Representatives who are collectively responsible for over $4 million in sales. She likes to tell the women on her team, "Change your dreams, and you can change your life." In her spare time, Donna gives cancer patients makeovers and advice on camouflaging the effects of chemotherapy.

Cristela: In addition to her role as a work inspector with the government, Cristela sells Avon part time. She uses the extra income she earns to “spoil her kids with special activities” and plans her budget around her bi-weekly paycheck. Like many Avon Independent Sales Representatives, Cristela was first an Avon customer. She loved the products and understood the potential of owning an Avon business. “What's great about Avon is the variety of choices,” Cristela notes. “There is a product for everyone. After looking at the brochure, it's almost impossible for someone not to order something.”

Irina: Irina of Bucharest calls Avon “my hobby, my family, my business.” Irina started her Avon business as a way to earn extra money. It turns out she had a knack for selling and recruiting. Six years later, Irina, just in her early 20s, has a team of more than 600 people. Irina adeptly uses the Internet to enhance her business. She's active on online forums and blogs that mention Avon and regularly reads AvonSpaceblog, voted “Best Company Blog” in Romania. She also collects customers' orders online.

Francine: Francine McDonald started her Avon business nine years ago because she wanted an earnings opportunity that would allow her to be at home with her young kids. She was working as a Vice President of a bank, her husband worked long hours as a pilot and they thought it would be great if she could be home with the children. While they were both working they didn't have any debt, but after three years of only one income and having a new home, the bills began to accumulate and she knew it was time to find an earnings opportunity. Now having celebrated her ninth anniversary with Avon, Francine couldn't be happier with her decision. Francine's favorite part about Avon... “Anyone can change their life for $15!”