e-Z Returns Frequently Asked Questions


1. Q: Who can use e-Z Returns?

A: All Representatives with internet access can use e-Z Returns - with the exception of Representatives in Alaska, Saipan, Guam, Hawaii and Island markets in the Gold Coast Division.


2. Q: How do I access e-Z Returns?

A: Log on to YourAVON.com, and choose any of the following four methods to link to e-Z Returns

         a. Click on Account, Process e-Z Returns or

 b. Click on the Replacement/Credits tab or

c. Choose e-Z Returns from the site map or

d. Choose e-Z Returns while placing an order.


3. Q: What are the advantages of using e-Z Returns versus using my order form for returns?

A: With e-Z Returns, you can process credits immediately and update your account at any time. You can create and print the return shipment paperwork, select the shipping method that fits your needs, print a prepaid shipping label and monitor and track your return shipment. Most importantly, your returns will be processed quickly…and accurately.


4. Q: What if I have returns that I have shipped back already that haven’t been processed?

A: On your first visit to the site, you will initialize your account. During initialization you will be asked to identify any outstanding returns that you have sent back prior to using e-Z Returns. This will help Avon identify what is in transit and what you still have to return. Please allow 6 to 8 weeks for processing products previously returned. Future e-Z Returns will be processed in 10 to 14 days.


5. Q: What is a RMA?

A: RMA stands for Return Merchandise Authorization. Each shipment you create is assigned a unique RMA number. The authorization states that both you and Avon understand what is being returned based on the information youve provided.


6. Q: I just completed my deliveries and one of my Customers had something to return. What should I do?

A: Visit e-Z Returns online to explore your options. Under the Get Help link review the Dont Return-Earn Guide for ideas. If you still want to return the item for credit, you process it at e-Z Returns. Youll be notified immediately of the disposition of the product and, if you like, can prepare your return shipment. Everything you need is right at your fingertips with e-Z Returns.


7. Q: Once I am credited for my items, how much time do I have to return them?

A: The normal business policy states that products must be returned to Avon within 7 campaigns after receiving the credit. Otherwise, a return credit reversal will occur. With e-Z Returns the same guidelines apply; however you must assign an RMA to a product to be returned within 28 days of credit being issued. Failure to do so will result in temporary suspension of your access to e-Z Returns.


8. Q: Can I get credit even if I’m not ready to send back all my items?

A: Yes, e-Z Returns will allow you to create your shipment after receiving credit.


9. Q: Can I do my replacements on e-Z Returns?

A: Yes, e-Z Returns makes it easy to replace an item with a like item of the same price. Once you have identified the item you have previously purchased, select Replacement” and follow the steps. If there is not a suitable replacement, simply request Credit for the item and order what you need at YourAVON.com


10. Q: When will replacements be shipped?

A: All replacements will be shipped with your next order. If you need an immediate shipment, please send your request through the e-mail us link at YourAVON.com or call the Customer Service number on your invoice.

11. Q: How can I be sure I’ve been credited with the correct amount?

A: When you process credits at e-Z Returns, you can review your purchase history, see the price you paid for each item that was on your invoice, in addition to the credits youve received for each campaign.


12. Q: I recently purchased a product bundle and was unable to sell one of the items. Am I able to return it?

A: It isnt intended that portions of a bundle be returned, therefore you can either return the entire bundle for credit or replacement.


13. Q: When will I know what credit has been applied to my account?

A: The e-Z Return site will display your new balance immediately after you submit your credit request to Avon. In addition, you will receive confirmation through a Credits and Replacement Transaction Summary. The Summary details the entire transaction, including disposition of the products and your current balance and can be printed.


14. Q: When I request credit, do I have to wait for paperwork before I can return my items?

A: No, with e-Z Returns, there is no waiting. Once youve receive credit you can choose to create your shipment immediately, select your shipping method, print the proper paperwork and shipping label and hand your shipment over to your selected return carrier.


15. Q: What do I do with the Merchandise Return Statement that came with my invoice?

A: With e-Z Returns, you no longer need the Merchandise Return Statement included with your invoice. Youll create and print the necessary return shipment paperwork that matches what youre shipping along with your shipping label.


16. Q: Where can I check my credits?

A: The Credit History link at the e-Z Returns site provides a rolling 12-month history and status of Return Credits applied to your account.


17. Q: What if I sell an item that I requested credit for?

A: Unlike in the past when you had to contact Customer Service, e-Z Returns allows you to re-bill yourself for the credited item. Click on Rebill in the left navigation panel at e-Z Returns. If you do not re-bill yourself, the credit will eventually be reversed by Avon. You should not re-bill items that have been attached to an RMA.



18. Q: Once I have my package ready to send, how do I get it to Avon?

A: Based on the method of shipment you select at e-Z Returns, there are specific directions provided on how to get the shipment to your carrier.


19. Q: Once I have my package ready to ship, how long before I must send it?

A: Once a shipment is created and an RMA assigned, you should print the shipping label and give the package to your selected carrier within ten (10) days.


20. Do I have the option on what method I use to return products?

A: Yes. You can select UPS or USPS as the method for returning products.


21. Q: What if my shipping label didn’t print correctly?

A: e-Z returns allows you to reprint a label. From the Home Page, click on RMA Summary –Under RMA Status –click on “Ready to be Shipped”to bring back the “Print Label”screen to print your label. Please note that a specific RMA label can only be used on time.


22. Q: What should I do if I have more than one box to return?

A: If you have more than one box to return, each package will be considered a separate return. Simply create the paperwork and a shipping label that corresponds with the package contents. The Packing Worksheet helps you to efficiently package your returns.


23.  Q: How will I know how much my return shipment cost?

A: During the creation of your shipment, Avon will calculate and provide the appropriate shipping rate for both the US Post Office and UPS and allow you to select the method that fits your needs.


24. Q: When will the shipping charge be applied to my account?

A: Avon will apply the shipping charge when your return shipment scanned for the first time in your selected carriers system.


25. Q: Will I get a receipt for my return shipment?

A: All the information you need is provided at the site under the designated RMA number. That package will be tracked all the way through receipt and processing at the National Returns Processing Center. You can print any information you need for your records.


26. Q: What if my return is due to Avon error?

A: If the return is Avons fault, we will assume responsibility for the associated return postage or portion of the return postage for products associated with the error.


27. Q: What should I do if I have new returns to add to my shipment?

A: Once a return shipment is assigned its RMA, no additional items can be added. Simply request credit for the new items and begin to create your next shipment.


28. Q: What happens if my package is not shipped within 28 days?

A: Once you request credit for an item, you have 28 days to assign it to an RMA. Failure to do so will result in suspended access to the e-Z Returns site. Once the item is assigned to an RMA, your access is the e-Z Returns site will be restored.


29. Q: What happens if I don’t return my package?

A: Once an RMA has been created, you have up to 10 days to give the package to your selected carrier. Failure to do so will result in your access to the e-Z Returns site being temporarily suspended. Once the package has been scanned by the carrier and that information is transmitted to Avon, your access to the e-Z Returns site will be restored. If a credit is received and the product is not returned to Avon within 7 Campaigns, the normal business policy of reversing the credit will apply.


30. Q: Do I need to box my returns differently than I do today?

A: e-Z Returns offers four (4) packaging options: A bubble envelope, an Avon Brochure Box, an Avon Tray or a medium- or large-sized box. For your safety, be careful not to over pack your shipment. If you have more than one box, each package will be considered a separate return. You need to create separate paperwork and a shipping label for each return and its contents. You should prepare your package as you would any other UPS or USPS Shipment.



31. Q: Can I track my return package?

A: Yes, just use the RMA number located under the RMA Summary link on the e-Z Returns page.


32. Q: What can I expect once my return has been shipped?

A: After your carrier has scanned your package, youll be notified via e-mail when your package is in transit and when your return has been received and processed at the National Returns Processing Center.


33. Q: If I ship by UPS or the US Post Office, do I need to insure my package?

A: As long as you are using the e-Z Returns system and shipping labels, you do not need to insure your package. Once your package is shipped and scanned by your carrier, Avon assumes responsibility for the package. If you choose not to use the e-Z Returns label, you will be responsible for the package, shipment and follow-up with your carrier, so it may be beneficial to insure it.


34. Q: How will I know when my package has been received and processed?

A: With e-Z Returns youll be notified via email when your package is in transit after your carrier scans it. Once your package has been received and processed at the National Returns Processing Center, youll receive another email. Please view your RMA Summary to check the status of your return packages.


35. Q: What if my return ends up missing?

A: If you used e-Z Returns, once your package is scanned and recognized by your carrier in our site, Avon assumes responsibility for the package.


36. Q: If I’ve forgotten what’s in a particular return shipment, is there any way for me to find out?

A: Youll have a complete record of what items you assigned to an RMA, simply click the RMA Summary link and select RMA# in question.



  37. Q: What if I need to return an entire order?

A: Please call the Customer Service phone number listed on your Invoice and a Support Specialist will assist you.


38. Q: If I have extra products to return, for which I have not been billed and do not need a credit, can I use e-Z Returns?

A: Yes. Please choose one of the following options:

1. If your extra items will fit inside the shipping package you have selected, simply indicate the number of extra items you are returning when preparing your Shipping List.

2. If you have a large number of Extra Pieces, Click on the No Credit Due-many Extra Items to return left navigation panel and follow the instructions. Avon will pay the shipping cost of any extra pieces returned, with the understanding that there is no credit due to your account for those items.


39. Q: If my account is inactive, how can I process adjustments?

A: You must contact Avons Customer Service Center at 513-551-2866.


40. Q: How do I return a complete, partial or duplicate order that I have received?

A: You must contact Avons Customer Service Center at 513-551-2866.


41. Q: What if I sold an item that I had already assigned to a return shipment?

A: Once an RMA has been created, it cannot be changed. You must contact Avons Customer Service Center at 513-551-2866 and request that the item be removed from the RMA. You will then be able to re-bill the item using the Rebill Link in the Left-Navigation Panel.


42. Q: Is there online help in case I have problems using the site?

A: Yes, some of the online help provided includes a complete User Guide, which explains in detail how the e-Z Returns site works, the e-Z Returns Webinar, that guides you through the process. There is also a Quick Reference Guide and answers to the most frequently asked questions.


43. Q: I recently found a new Customer with items to return from a former Avon Representative. What should I do?

A: All requests for replacement and credit are based on purchase history. Products sold by another Representative will not be in your purchase history. Please contact Customer Care to assist you with this transaction. Simply send an e­mail explaining the situation and whether you prefer to exchange the item for something else or need credit for the item and your account will be accurately updated.